Crotona Intentional Community

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  1. This is an online Intentional Community that will evolve toward its temporal and spacial reality. It is suggested that members have membership in the Ancient and Accepted Order of Esoteric Freemasons. This can simply be achieved online. Our affiliation with the Pythagorean Lodge and Allegheny Universalist Monastery is a shared realization of Humanist principles that does not exclude a spiritual path or an inward quest for Gnostic truth and understanding. We do not hold to the theistic beliefs of Western religions, and look instead to the Enlightenment for inspiration. However, we also recognize the inner realization that is beyond the rational mind and the sensual world. Crotona Seminary has further instruction in this area of study, and courses can be taken online.
    Our main function will be animal protection and an advocacy for vegan diet, but we do not share with some vegans the notion that animals are simply on their own and should be left to nature. That is not a humane attitude toward humans or animals. Our connectedness with all sentient life can best be expressed in kindness, love, regard, and care. We should alleviate suffering whenever and wherever possible.
    It is suggested that those posting should first become familiar with the writings of Alexandra David-Neel, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Mantak Chia, W. L. Wilmshrust, Plotinus, and Hilton Hotema. In these writings can be found the basis for shared association in community. Our foundational principle will always be ahimsa (non-violence). We welcome to this blog all who value that principle.
    It is often difficult for non-theists to find spiritual fellowship, for those who look to a spiritual path find themselves outside both the theist and the atheist perspectives. Gods and goddesses are not the issue in a real spiritual quest, for what is really at stake is an awakening to compassion and truth. It is easy to see how following the gods only leads to more violence and hate-mongering among various sects and cults. History verifies this over and over again.
    No one can claim compassion until she has gone beyond the addiction of appetite to adopt a vegan diet, and beyond that there is a vegan lifestyle that simply sheds the elements of violence resulting from the abusive and needless deaths of animals. Laying hands on animals should always be a matter of care and blessing – NEVER abuse or harm. To live in community with those advanced souls can only be a blessing.
    So, share your thoughts and aspirations. Let’s be helpful to one another, and not judgmental. We have a work to do, a “magnum opus” — a journey, not from here to there, but deep within to find the “pearl of great price” – compassion for all sentient beings.

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